Easter Bunny Treat Box – Free Printable Template

Easter Bunny Treat Box – Free Printable Template

One benefit of being a teacher during lockdown was that I learnt how to use imovie! Equipped with this new skillset (and with help from my tech savvy son) I am hoping to take this website in a slightly new direction by showing video tutorials. Click here, or on any of the images below to see my first attempt!

Easter Bunny Treat Box - YouTube Tutorial

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Although Easter is a while yet, the supermarkets are already stocking Easter eggs so I thought this cute Easter bunny treat box might be just the thing for you to download. There are two versions, a coloured version and a black and white version.

These cute gift boxes are great to put mini Easter eggs in. I make bunny boxes with my reception class every year and the children love them.

I’m also working on matching bunting and Easter egg hunt invites which I will post soon.

Here are the links to the templates. Both templates are free to download, but it would be great if you could subscribe to my new YouTube channel in return.

Colour Template

Black and White Template

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